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Picture Posting. (get a different site than the one I have here!!)

I am going to be real busy for the next couple of days, I have to make a journal that can answer everyone of the questions I get everyday, If you have any questions, save them for a few days or look in the FAQ. I know I know, I just slave here so…

Picture Posting

This is how you will post pics in your journal from liquid2k only!!! If you read these instructions and do everything as stated, you will have no problems! If you don't read this and ask a question that is explained in here I will not reply to you so read it!

  First you need to get a site at http://www.liquid2k.com. It allows you to external link, (lets you post pictures at a site other than where your pictures are stored.) I am using http://www.liquid2k.com because it works like a site should; it dosn't change your file name or edit your pictures and it uses your username to link to your pictures.
  Go there now and fill out the form before you do anything else. And when you choose your site name don’t use spaces, capital letters or odd characters. Don’t use anything other than lowercase letters.


  Assuming you have your site, close all of the liquid2k pages that are open, then go to this page; http://www.liquid2k.com/online/l2kpopup/popup1.html, then save that page into your favorites. Then enter the username you used for your site and password in the proper text boxes.
  Another browser will open, that is your file manager; wait until it loads completely then press the Upload Files button. There will be 10 different buttons that will be displayed that say Browse on them, press one of them and wait until the Upload window opens up that will display the files on your computer. Find the file you want to upload and double click on it. That window will close, when it does press the next button and pick your next file; continue doing that until you either have all the files you want to upload or have filled the 10 spaces provided. Below the 10 buttons is an Upload button, press it and wait until the page displays a message telling you that it has successfully uploaded your pictures. Remember! Just upload jpg files or gif files, no bmp files.


  When I got my site I called it justgoto so when I want to post a picture in my journal I write;
<img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/justgoto/otay.gif" width="100" height="100" align="absmiddle" alt="comments in here">
that is the exact code I used for this picture; comments in here

  Let me break everything down to show you exactly what is going on. The img src= tells your journal that you are going to post a picture. The http://www. means it is going to look for the picture on the World Wide Web. The liquid2k.com tells it that the server to look for the picture, is at liquid2k.com. The ,b>/justgoto</b> is the name of the user of that server in liquid2k.com and the otay.gif is the file to look for. The width="100" height="100" is the dimensions of the picture. The align="absmiddle" is to make the words lineup in the middle of the picture, you don’t need it. And the alt="comments in here" is for when you move your cursor over the picture it will display a message. The whole code is surrounded by these things, < >

Simpler Code

  Many of the things used in the code above are not needed; if you don't want to use them you only really need this.
<img src="http://www.liquid2k.com/justgoto/otay.gif">
Make sure you put all of them elements in your code, but make sure you change the justgoto to your site name and change the otay.gif to your file name.

Make it Easy on Yourself

  I keep a note pad on my desktop with all of the addresses to the pictures that I have in my site. If you do that you will have all the addresses handy for the next time you want to show that picture. it is also good because you can copy the whole code of the last picture you have stored in the notepad then paste it just below that one, then just change the filename to whatever the file was that you uploaded.

Common Mistakes

  I can’t tell you how many times people read this then press on the picture file name in the File Manager then right click on the picture to get the url of their picture. That is not the url of your picture, that is just a temporary file that will be deleted in just a few minutes. The url of your pic is exactly as described above, write it exactly as it is described above and you will have no problems!
  Many people put spaces, capital letters and odd characters, in their file names and site names; don’t do that it will only cause confusion, keep everything simple as possible, some characters mean something in HTML code.

If You Still Have Problems
  If you have any questions, look in this post and see if someone else has asked the same question; if not make a new comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Make sure you tell me your site name and file name when asking.

Other Links

Answered questions:

Here are some good sites to use!
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