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Text help.

<h1>This is the headline command (no.1)! Use from 1 to 5</h1>

<h5>This is the headline command (no.5)! Use from 1 to 5</h5>

<font size="7">
The font size can be from 1 to 7!!Always end the font commands when you change size, color or type, with

The font color can be any regular color you can think of, like
<font color="yellow">,
<font color="blue">,
<font color="green">. You also can use weird ones like
<font color="jade"> but I wouldn't get too involved with them kind. </font>

Another way to choose color is by using hexadecimal numbers, from 00 to ff. It is broken down into 3 sets the first two digets are for the red color, the send set is for green and the third is blue. I know it don't add up right but that is what is does! I have a page that can help you pick all the colors by the numbers, (I got to find it.). Look here;</font>

<font color="#ff0000">
<font color="#00ff00"> (if you notice it is really the jade color)
<font color="#0000ff"> Make sure you start the numbers with (#).

You can also change the font type. I usually justgoto a program like Works Word Processor to find font names. Just type something in the space provided and then scroll through the font types to find what you might want to use. Then just enter the exact name of the font type, as long as you dont have weird fonts they will work for most people. If the people viewing your page don't have that type their browser will use it's default font. So don't get too involved with choosing a exotic font, most people won't sea it anyway!
<font face="Arial">This should be the font I use in my journal.

You also can use the weird commands that let you make the letters either
<b> bold,
<i> italic or
<u> underline!

There is also the
<strike> comand. the
<sup> and the
<sub> comand.

Make sure you end these comands when you are done with the proper comand ending thingie. If you know what I mean? Like end the <sup> with </sup> and end the <u> with </u>!!! Get it??

Now lets try some all together!<font size="6" color="red" face="arial"><b><u><i><strike><sub> Hee Hee! </sub></srtike></i></u></b></font>

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