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FTP with Coffee Cup Free Ftp

Downloading and Instalation

First off you have to download and install the Coffee Cup thingy. Justgoto
and download it.
When I download something, I press the save button and save it in a file that I can remember where I stuck it. Then when it is downloaded, I open it from the file I saved which will install it.
But you can also use the open option and it will install it automatically.


Once it is installed, open it up; it'll look something like this;

To make it a little easier on me, I'll work with the Netfirms.com server.
Press the connect button, it looks like this, it will open this window;

Mine has some of the servers I use regularly, yours should be blank; just press the Add Server button and a window will open like this;

Fill out the name part with your sites name and some thing to show which server it is using, (incase you have two sites that have the same name.) On the Hostname/Address, you'll want to put ftp.netfirms.com
The Port stuff will do it itself so don't change it.

Netfirms.com requires a username and password, just press the hole that saus Requires username and password, then stick in your username and password.

Now there is the Local starting directory and Remote starting directory feilds. You don't have to enter anything in there but it will make it easier. The Local starting directory is where the Coffee Cup thing will look for files on your computer automaticaly. I just have the path on my computer where I store my files I an currently working on.
The Remote starting directory is where Coffee Cup will want to put files into automaticaly. You need to put the files into the www folder, you can make more folders so the site is easier to view your files but make sure they are inside the www folder.
Here is what mine looks like.

If you have all the info in there, just press the Cool button.

Uploading Files

Now, your server should be setup and this window should be displayed;

Just double click on the name of your new server you have just setup and the coffeecup in the top right corner will start spinning, (that tells you it is looking for info.) Once it stops, (hopefully,) it will be in your site. If it gives you some kind of error; press the name again and then the, Edit Server button and make sure your info is correct.
If everything is cool and you are in the site, it will look something like this;

The files to the left are the ones on your computer, the ones on the right are the ones in your site. I have files and folders inside the www folder. Now just look for the pic you want to upload and double click on it. Another window will popup telling you what file is being sent, it will close and a ping will be heard when the transfer is complete.

When you're done uploading files press this button on the top left to disconnect from the server, then close it.

I will update this post with info on how to setup your Coffee Cup Free FTP using the anonymous settings for you AOL users.
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