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Why did I make this community? Cause I really don’t have time to answer questions anymore, besides I am not that knowledgeable on certain subjects and really need help answering some of the questions I get. Another reason is, some of the subjects are just touched upon in the support FAQ. Hopefully, the points that aren’t covered in the FAQ can be explained here, more in depth.

I also want to say right now, all the knowledge I have accumulated I found by viewing the source of different web pages, if you start talking about text book lingo, I will have no idea what you are talking about! I am self taught and have only been connected to the net for a year and a half as of, April 28, 2002, 10:17 AM.

I might add, I don’t really know why some things work the way they do and I don’t always explain myself as clear as I think I do. If you see where I or anyone else has made an error or have a better way to explain the subjects discussed in here, let us know; I know I would love the input!

we_can_help is a help based community that is closed for a reason, too many other help type communities are filled with help requests that will never be answered, which makes them relatively ineffective communities.
I am looking for people that have some good writing skills, (better than mine preferably, (which shouldn’t be hard to find,)) to write articles about certain aspects of the journaling experience. If you have the time to write some posts about HTML, CSS and aspects of journal style and modifications and can answer questions on the subject I need you.

I will need gurus to interview other journalists to determine if they have the knowledge to answer questions and write posts on subjects that most journalists will want to know in certain fields of interests

I am looking for a journal style guru for paid members with CSS experience to post articles and answer questions. I know nothing about the paid member aspect of LiveJournal.

I will need a journal modification guru for free members with CSS experience to post articles and answer questions.

I also need a HTML guru to show some cool aspects for posting in your journal. You’ll need to post articles and answer questions.

A userpic guru with good people skills to help communicate what is needed from someone that is requesting one. That can be a daunting task for me at times! Some people know exactly what the want and can relate their vision with no problem. On the other hand, some cannot even send a file to be edited, since I don’t have AOL, I don’t have any idea what to tell most.

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